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How To Make Career As Makeup Artist, Fashion Blogger And Influencer.

How To Make Career As Makeup Artist Of Celebrities.

Career for makeup artist, as usual we saw  many of the makeup artist who earns a lot of money by doing makeup of celebrities. One on the biggest example of makeup artist is “Bridgett LaDawn Washington” is a brand in and of itself and has a long list of Hollywood Celebrities who are the usual clients – Angela Bassett and Hayden Panettiere.

Here are the most important tips given by  “Bridgett LaDawn Washington”.

mskeup kit

  • Be professional in your work .
  • Positive attitude among work .
  • Have a mentor to compete it .
  • Stay trending .
  • investment in your kit .
  • Work with corporate accounts .
  • spiritual guidance should be there .

 According to “Bridgett” that to work as a makeup artist, This is very important that our mind is full of what the energy we are putting on our guests. And who we are approaching to our guest, there should be a positive attitude.

Being a mentor for some one is one of the proudful moment for a makeup artist. There are a lot of Course to be a classy makeup artist. One of them is of “Bridgett” Dallas, TX called B.LaDawn Pro Makeup Artistry classes.

Through out there is a vast scope of Makeup Artist. As you choose it as your career if you like this profession.


2. How to Be the best Fashion Blogger among everyone.?

Nowadays fashion blogging has a great competion  among each other to. To be rare for everyone you just have to know these little common things which are most important to be best fashion blogger.

  • You have a website on which you should have to work.
  • You should have a Domain.
  • If you can, then Hire a web designer and if not then you can learn that from online sessions.
  • High quality photography.
  • Social media is the most important part of this.

 fashion blogger

Now the question arises that

How to become the Famous blogger ?

If you want to be a Famous fashion Blogger Then the first step is that you should have the knowledge of your business. More the problems you solve of peoples more you get famous because they prefer you among everybody. You can promote your blog and yourself  to be famous. You should have to sever like a waiter to people.

Your positive attitude/behavior and the understanding between readers makes your blogs people choice.

If don’t knw that who to make a website or anything else,http://viaENS helps you to sort out your problems and makes the thing easier for you.

3. How to Be A Best Fashion Influencer.?

fashion influencer

Fashion and beauty are two of the fastest growing influencer niches. This is very tough to compete with the peoples among you might try to discourage  you because you are doing something different then others that they don’t. we all know that it is difficult to compete in fashion but it is not impossible that we cant cross them.

we have some of the few important tips which helps you to be a best fashion influencer.

  • Be an expert, With a crunchy taste of fashion :-  if you really want to be a best fashion influencer firstly you should have the knowledge in your field, you should have to be expert in there and you also have a crunchy taste.
  • Post like a crazy one.
  • Never get discouraged from anyone.
  • You should have your own taste and style.

And if you do that you can win any of the battels.

                                     . Thankyou for giving us your precious time. 



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