How Charcoal Face wash works And How to Use it for oily face

Using a Charcoal face wash for oily skin to make it look awesome. The question arises that how to use it ? does it works or not ? so don’t worry we help you to find out the solution of your problems either it is oily face, acne on your face. so that you make your skin looks good.

firstly we all should have to know about charcoal face wash. That what it means to. Charcoal in ancient times use as anti oxidant’s by our ancestor’s to make face clean and to make it brighter. charcoal facewash clean our skin and removes acne and solve oil problems.

How to use Charcoal facewash.

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firstly checkout the facewash that it should not be expired and have the perfect ingredients in it, so that it should works on your face effectively.

Steps to Use the Charcoal face wash.

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Step 1.

Firstly wash your face with normal water and dry it with a clean towel so that the facewash works on the effective area.

Step 2.

Apply some charcoal face wash on your face gently. and spread it all over the face and massage your face softly for 2 minutes. so that it acts properly.

Step 3.

wait for 10 sec. and wash your face with normal water and also dry it with clean towel again.

source- you tube -Brickell men’s product

make sure that when you massage your face . massage it gently never put your dirty hand on your face.

How Charcoal facewash works.


Charcoal works just like as coal , you have either seen that some times we used coal to purify the dirty water . just like as the same process charcoal face wash removes dirt and absorb all the pollution from the oily skin. and yes you can detox and purify your skin and hair with activated charcoal

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Activated Charcoal – helps you to pull it out your pores and make the less visible and make your face fresh.

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