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Types of hair wax for men’s to style hairs sexier

Today we discuss about types of hair wax for styles.We all know that to style your different type of hairs you need something to hold your hairs in the style you want. There are so many products for different hairs. Someone hairs suit for hair spray, someone’s suits for hair gel etc. Here we discuss about hair wax and how to use it Properly.

Types of hair wax for different hairs

Personaly i suggest you all Beardo charcoal wax, which doesnot a effects your hair as i am using this wax from long time and it is amazing product. Now talk about wax for different hairs.

hair wax for styling hairstyles

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  • Long hairs – probably every one who had long hairs face this problem so much that which product is suit for his hairs and which not. Use the wax which doesnot effect your hairs
  • Short hairs – There is just litle amount of wax use to style your hair. Either someone likes to give a wetty look their hairs and some wants a dry look its just depend upon your mood.
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How to apply wax properly to your hair to look much attractive

hair wax for men's styling

Some people use wax in heavy quantity which is harmful for hairs which causes the dryness in the hairs and hairfall.

For having a good looking hairstyle ur hairs should be healthy, they should be nourished properly and hairs should be cutted in a mannered way the style you want.

Steps of using wax.

source – Robin James

Step 1.

When you wash your hair wash it properly and then dry it with a towel so that the hairs should get dry easily or use drier on low temperature to dry your hairs.

Step 2.

Take the suitable wax that suits on your hair and take wax in little amount equal to your nail tip. Here the main important point should b noted that firstly rub the wax on your hand until it will heatup.

Step 3.

Apply the wax gently starts from backend to front so that your hairs should get volume to be in a perfect shape as you want. apply these layers as per regarding.

hair wax to style hair

if you want some information about the use of wax comment below.

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